Crime Prevention Design Team

The Crime Prevention Design Team (CPDT) comprises of two dedicated Police staff based at Police Headquarters who are designated as Designing Out Crime Officers (formerly known as Architectural Liaison or Crime Prevention Design Officers).

Their role is to advise on the best way to design out crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour at every stage of architectural design from pre-planning to the full planning process. This team also liaise regularly with the Crime Reduction Officers across the County to discuss local environmental concerns that they can advise on.

What can the CPDT do for me?

Designing Out Crime Officers need to be made aware of any major development within the Cambridgeshire area - contact and involvement at the earliest possible stage will ensure their advice on crime and community safety will contribute to creating safe and sustainable communities and reducing the Carbon Cost of Crime within Cambridgeshire.

These officers are trained to read, interpret and respond to planning applications including pre-planning advice to planners, architects and developers.

How does the Crime Prevention Design Team fit within Cambridgeshire Constabulary?

The team is managed centrally from police headquarters and has a key role to play within 'Strategic Partnerships' across the County.

They consult with Police and Local Authority teams across Cambridgeshire including other police forces all of which helps base recommendations to planning departments.

They advise on a range of construction projects by using planning legislation and guidance, the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (CPTED), together with the principles and requirements set out by Secured by Design, the official UK Police flagship initiative combining 'designing out crime' with physical security. The team administer the Secured by Design scheme in Cambridgeshire on behalf of Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (now owned by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime on behalf of the UK police service.

Contact your Crime Prevention Design Team

Carol Aston - phone 101 extension 2432

Dave Griffin - phone 101 extension 5974

You can email them at

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