Cycle crime

Cambridgeshire Constabulary are taking a preventative approach to cycle crime in Cambridgeshire by working with local businesses and raising awareness of this type of crime.

We support safe cycling in Cambridgeshire and encourage more cyclists to visit our cities, but with more than 3,000 bicycles stolen across Cambridgeshire during 2011, there are a few steps people can take to help reduce the risk of your bike being stolen and increase the chances of recovering your bike if it's stolen.

1. Lock up your bike safely

Always lock up your bike, wherever it is being left, whether it is quickly popping into the supermarket, a friend?s house or going shopping.

Use at least a good quality D-lock, although two different locks are best - it makes it harder to steal as the thief needs different tools for each lock. It is not only about buying a good quality lock to reduce the risk of your bike being stolen - it is about using the locks properly.

Locking your bike to a cycle rack, in a busy area, that is well lit makes it much safer than leaving it with the lock through the frame, but not attached to anything. It seems simple and obvious, yet many people leave their bike unlocked or very poorly secured.

So remember:

  • Park your bike where everyone can see it - other people will also see if someone is trying to steal it
  • Don't leave your bike in the same place every day
  • Lock 'tight' so that your bike is hard to move around when parked
  • Lock both wheels and the frame to a bike stand or other immoveable object and fill the lock with as much of the bike as possible, or a thief may steal the bike and leave the wheels behind. Also, make sure the post can't be cut through or the bike lifted off it
  • Locks can be picked, so face the lock to the ground (but not resting on it) so it can't easily be turned upwards for picking
  • Take with you any items that can be removed without tools such as wheels, lights, pump, saddle etc

You can get a suitable lock that is a Sold Secure product for only about 30. Sold Secure approved means the lock has been tested to the highest standards and are Home Office approved. Visit their website for more details

2. Security mark and register your bike

Cambridgeshire Constabulary recovers more than 500 bikes each year, so the best chance you have of getting your bike back is to security mark and register it so that the police can check it against the relevant databases.

Bike RegisterApply a permanent security mark to your bike and register the unique ID at The security marks are very difficult to remove without causing significant damage to your bike and so provide a strong deterrent to thieves. It very simple and registration is FREE. All you need is your bicycle's frame number, manufacturer and model and colour. Once you have registered your bike, you will have a better chance of getting it back if it is lost or stolen. If you have any photographs, purchase receipts or other relevant documents such as an insurance certificate you can add these too.

Immobilise (Generic)If you can't find your bike frame number, have a look:

  • underneath the pedals on the bottom of the frame
  • on the frame near the handlebars
  • on the frame where the seat post fits
  • on the frame towards the back wheel

You can also register your bike with for free along with your other valuables. For instructions on how to do this visit

3. Save your bike details as a contact in your mobile phone

  • Create a new contact in your mobile phone for your bike
  • Take a photo of your bike and add it to the new contact
  • Add the frame number
  • If you’re unfortunate enough to have your bike stolen, you are in a position to email the police a photo of your stolen bike and the frame number which will help us get it back to you if we recover any stolen bikes

4. Report

If your bike is stolen, report it to the police on 101 and flag it as stolen on your BikeRegister and Immobilise account as soon as possible. Reporting your bike as lost or stolen helps the police match its description and return it to you, if it is recovered.

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