Crimes and support

The Crimes and support campaign is a new and creative way in which the force communicates with the people of Cambridgeshire, in the most targeted, yet cost effective way.

Aimed at ‘making the invisible visible’, the campaign will demonstrate that there is more to policing than patrolling, and it’s not just the bobbies on the beat that keep the county safe.

Crimes and support is a communications campaign which is striving to change the way we deliver communications, as a force, making the most of the resources we have and seeking opportunities to work with partner agencies and the local community. With its distinctive look and feel to the campaign, we are using a whole host of different mediums and channels to get our messages out there, in a resourceful, yet consistent way.

We are working hard to transfer the fear of crime from the public to the offenders – reminding them at every opportunity that crime will not pay and we will not tolerate criminal activity in Cambridgeshire, while encouraging the support and involvement of local communities to help us fight crime in the county. Our campaign will help members of the public by providing crime prevention information and advice, in a variety of creative and innovative ways, to help them protect themselves and their property from crime.

Our analysis of crime data has shown there are certain crime types that occur at specific times of the year, and we will be doing as much as we can to reduce the trends, by targeting criminals and providing crime prevention advice in a variety of different ways, to reach the target audience in the most appropriate way – ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the Crimes and support campaign.

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