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The partnership is a sub group of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety Partnership.

Its aim is to reduce casualties by targeting speeding.

Speed limits are set by local authorities and, in the case of class of vehicle, by government. These limits are not targets but are considered to be safe in ideal conditions.

The safety camera partnership uses speed detection devices to enforce speed limits. It also uses its camera signing to warn drivers that some areas have a history of people being killed and seriously injured and will have their speed limits enforced.

Signing of routes and site locations is to warn drivers an area has a history of collisions. Signs are not there to prove speeding offences in a court of law.

Speeding is an offence and requires no warning signs before enforcement. Some drivers who speed at lower levels will be offered an education course rather than prosecution. Other drivers may be offered conditional fixed penalty tickets and others may be summonsed directly to a magistrates court. The decision as to how an offence is dealt with is at the discretion of the force.

All fines generated by speeding drivers are paid to the courts system and government. The safety camera partnership does not measure revenue and receives no funding from fines. We would rather drivers slow down, reducing risks, than be fined. We will, however, prosecute all those drivers who do not recognise speed limits.

Enforcement activity takes place on the mobile routes at the discretion of the operators. Slow down on all routes to ensure your safety.

You can follow this link to see Safety Camera Data for Cambridgeshire.

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