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Who are the abusers?

Just like victims of domestic abuse or abuse there are no typical abusers. Anyone can commit domestic abuse, regardless of his or her background or profession. Abusers may appear to be good, loving partners, fathers or mothers, have good jobs, be well liked etc, but still inflict violence or abuse on their partners. In cases of violence injuries sustained by victims can be serious, even leading to murder.

Abusers often try to rationalise or excuse their behaviour or blame the victim. There is no excuse for domestic abuse. Violence is a criminal offence. Victims should remember that the abuse or violence they are suffering or have suffered is not their fault.

Abusive behaviour is often aggravated by the use of alcohol or drugs and help is available for abusers both with alcohol and drug dependency related problems and with anger management.

Abusers may have been abused themselves and so see their violent or abusive behaviour as 'right' or justified. Help is available to abusers to help them deal with their own abuse in the past and to overcome their abusive or violent tendencies towards their partner or family members.

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