Keep safe when you’re on a night out

Keeping you and your friends safe from being a victim of sexual assault

Many cases that have a similar scenario, whereby a group of friends or colleagues are out for the night, someone gets separated from the rest of the group and sometimes ends up in a situation they are not comfortable with and can’t get out of. Below are some simple but useful tips for how to look out for yourself and your friends whilst out for the night.

  • Alcohol always plays a major part in our investigations. Did you know that two thirds of sexual assault victims and half of offenders have been drinking alcohol? Simply, to help yourself stay safe, drink in moderation so that you can make sure you know what you and your friends are doing at all times.
  • A code word is very effective. Most sexual offences occur because victims are too polite to say “NO”. So, before you go out and have had any alcohol agree a code word with your friends, something simple but memorable is best, it only needs to be one word such as “Apples”. If you become detached from your friends and they come and find you they should ask if you are ok, if you are not and with someone you don’t feel comfortable with, say the codeword and your friends should take you away from that situation immediately. There are times to be polite but this is not one of them.
  • Plan how you will be getting home before you go out for the night. Make sure you and your friends get home safely after your night out by not leaving anyone to get home alone and having the money needed to pay for taxis available before you go out.

Sexual assault and rape can occur between anyone, even those within a relationship or who are friends and takes place when:

  • Someone (A) intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of another person (B) with their penis or another object.
  • (B) does not consent to the penetration;
  • does not reasonably believe that (B) consents.

If you feel that the situation is making you uncomfortable and you need to be telling them you do NOT want this. Scream, push them away, say NO, but let them know by any means that YOU DO NOT CONSENT.

At the point that (B) says NO and it is clear that they are not consenting (A) must STOP immediately failure to stop will constitute an offence of sexual assault or even RAPE.

Did you know that even if someone is so drunk that THEY CANNOT CONSENT, this will still be an offence?

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