Doorstep Selling

Sound familiar………… ?

  • “The moss on your roof needs removing otherwise it will cause damage….”
  • “You’ve got a loose tile on your roof…..”
  • “I have some tarmac left over from a job……”
  • “We were working on your neighbours when we noticed…”

Some of the claims made by uninvited doorstep callers to persuade you to pay for services or goods you don’t want or need. In fact very often their claims are untrue. Every year Cambs Trading Standards receives many complaints from people who have been conned by doorstep callers.

Your Rights

If you agree to pay over £42 for any services or goods that are sold to you during a visit to your home or your place of work, then:

  • You have 14 days to cancel the agreement.
  • The caller must give you a written cancellation form setting out your rights when you agree the contract. If the caller does not provide you with this information he is committing a criminal offence and the agreement isn’t valid.


Doorstep callers are trained in high pressure sales techniques. They will catch you unawares. They are polite, persistent and persuasive and they will rush you to make a decision. Say "No thank you" and then immediately close the door. If the person won’t go away, call the Police or Trading Standards.


  • Believe all callers are genuine - they are not.
  • Believe 'scare stories' – they are rarely true.
  • Believe Genuine companies have loads of tarmac or gravel over – they don't!
  • Believe Special deals, 'today only' – it's high pressure selling.
  • Allow strangers to have access to your property.
  • Sign anything or pay for anything until you are sure about it.


  • Check a Caller’s Identity - ask to see an ID card.
  • Consider if you really need the work done. Shop around for the best deal.
  • Consider how you will contact the trader if it goes wrong.
  • Ask the caller to leave you with information to study at your leisure.
  • Remember you often have a short time to cancel a contract after cold call.

Always remember that reputable businesses generally don’t knock on doors to find customers.

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