Shed security

Shed Security

Many people underestimate the value of the items they store in their sheds. Unfortunately criminals are fully aware of the value of the goods that some people do store in vulnerable places. The following advice can help to keep your property secure and reduce the chance of you becoming a victim of crime.

Whilst a shed is not designed to withstand any form of determined attack, there are some simple measures you can take to make them more secure. Position your garden shed as near to your house as possible so that it is clearly visible from your home.

Consider painting your house number and postcode onto your valuable gardening equipment (e.g. lawnmower, strimmer and tools). This makes them much less attractive to potential thieves as it makes them more difficult to sell on, and also increases the chances of the property being recovered and returned to its rightful owner if it is stolen.

Avoid storing valuable items such as power tools, fishing tackle or golf clubs in a shed. These items should be stored inside your home or a secure garage.

If you have been working in your garden ensure that you lock away tools such as spades or forks when you’re finished. Tools left out overnight could be used by an intruder to gain access to your property.

If you don’t intend to use the windows in your shed you can make them secure by screwing them shut or fitting window locks. Hanging old curtain or netting up against the window will prevent any prying eyes from seeing what is stored in your shed.

Locks and Bolts

The most effective way to secure shed doors is to fit a strong hasp and staple (also called a ‘padbar’). Secure this with coach bolts (long bolts with a smooth head that cannot be undone with a screwdriver or spanner) and lock the hasp over the staple with a closed shackled padlock.

You can further protect your shed with items such as ‘shed bars’ and larger items such as cycles can be secured to shed shackles. These and other approved products can be found at or

Secure the shed door hinges with ‘clutch head’ or ‘coffin’ screws. These are a special type of screw that once fitted can only be unscrewed with a special tool. They can be purchased from DIY outlets and on the internet.

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