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Freedom of Information Act 2000 - An introduction

This Publication Scheme has been designed to highlight information and publications that are currently available from Cambridgeshire Constabulary.

Where information is available on the website a hypertext link will direct you to the correct page on the website.

Where no online version is available, you should apply in writing to:

Freedom of Information
Information Access Office
Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Hinchingbrooke Park
PE29 6NP

Alternatively you may use the online application form: Freedom of Information Request Form

Where information is available online and you would like a hard copy, applications may be submitted via written request or the online application form.

Please note that where information is available online, there may be a charge levied to reflect printing and postage costs. You will be informed of this charge prior to your request being processed.

When requesting information included in this scheme please include the following details:

  • A name and contact address

  • The information or documents you would like to access

  • The way you would like the information to be sent to you (e.g. hard copy, via email).

Once a request has been received it will be acknowledged and you will be provided with a reference number. It will then be allocated to an Information Access Officer who will contact you should clarification be required. All our requests are dealt with in accordance with the ACPO Manual of Guidance. Should you be unhappy with the response you receive you should first discuss this with the Officer who dealt with your request. If you are still not happy you should contact the Information Access Office; details on this process are included with each response and can also be found below. Your request can be referred to our independent Appeals Panel which sits once a month. If you choose this route you will be advised of the date when the Panel, that will hear your appeal is due to convene. The Appeals Panel will endeavour to respond to you within 20 working days although, on occasion, this may take up to 40 working days.

When lodging an appeal you must state why you are not happy with the information you have not received or the decision made in your particular case. The appeal can be made by way of letter, facsimile or email to the Information Access Office. Please ensure that your appeal request contains your name, address and full particulars of your appeal. It can be helpful if you also include a contact telephone number.

If you are unhappy with the decision of our Appeals Panel you can then lodge an appeal with the Information Commissioner www.ico.gov.uk. The Commissioner has wide ranging powers to inspect records held by a Public Authority to enable him to reach a decision on whether or not the Public Authority has complied with the law.

Charges For Information

Under the terms of the publication scheme, Cambridgeshire Constabulary is required to provide details of any information that will be subject to charges.

Where Cambridgeshire Constabulary has historically levied a fee for certain types of information as part of its normal business processes prior to the introduction of the Freedom of Information Act, it will continue to charge for that information. This information will not be made available via the publication scheme.

The charges listed will be periodically revised and updated.

For information that falls into any of the following categories, please contact Cambridgeshire Constabulary.

Road Collision Records

Copy of Collision Report (full extract up to 30 pages)
Additional pages for the same incident (per page)
Limited particulars (RT Act details)
Copy of self-reporting/minor accident form
Fatal Road Collisions. Accident Investigation Report
Fatal Road Collisions. Reconstruction video
Rough Data (per page)
Copy of scale plan, other than collision report
Copy of police vehicle examination report (unless provided as full extract)
Copy of collision reconstruction report (unless provided as full extract)
Copy of collision reconstruction report (unless provided as full extract) per page

Copies of Photographs

From digital camera (per disc)
A4 Index sheet (digital)
Photographs (first photo)
Each subsequent photo

Copies of Statements, other than in booklets

Per statement, up to 3 pages
Additional Pages (per page)
Copy of witness statement (witness agrees to disclosure of personal details)
Copy of witness statement (witness does not agree to disclosure of personal details)
Interview with Police Officer (per Officer)
Request for a statement to be written by a Police Officer
Copy of Personal Injury Collision Sheets (2nd Copy)
Copies of videotapes (provision for CJS)
Copies of audio Tapes (provision for CJS)

Cancellation Charges

If request is cancelled prior to search
If search is made prior to cancellation
If search is made and documents ready for dispatch
Abortive searches

Fingerprinting Fees

One set
Additional sets thereafter (each)


Firearms Certificate issue
Firearms Certificate renewal
Firearms Certificate replacement
Shotgun Certificate issue
Shotgun Certificate renewal
Shotgun Certificate replacement
Home Office Club approval
Registered Firearms Dealer issue
Registered Firearms Dealer replacement
Firearms Museum Licence
Pedlars Certificates

Other Charges

Copies of CD Rom and / or DVD discs (Provision for CJS)
Confirmation of individual crime report to ABI (with permission of injured person)
Further details of individual crime report to ABI (with permission of injured person)
Environment & Safety Information Act Register (Explosive stores). Copy of extract
Data Protection. Subject Access Requests
Additional copies of Custody Records
Additional copies of PACE Person / Vehicle Stop / Check Record

**Requests for assistance for any research material, statistics or data will be assessed as to its commercial or academic potential to the applicant and dependant on circumstances may be subject to charge
**Requests for data concerning collision / crime occurrences involving geographic and/or frequency data. Commercial purposes e.g. legal, insurance, estate agency, road maintenance may be subject to charge
**Requests for data concerning incidents / crime occurrences involving geographic and/or frequency data in connection with licensing applications may be subject to charge
** ** The inclusion of "research" and "data /statistics" etc is to provide an option where otherwise there may be consideration of requests as "repeated requests" or commercial use of copyright information e.g. estate agents for crime statistics for specific areas / roads.

How Long Will it Take?

We aim to provide information listed in the Publication Scheme within twenty working days of receipt of the request.

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