101 for all non-emergency enquiries  101  101 for all non-emergency enquiries

Citizens' Charter

Quality of Service

We deal with a wide range of enquiries from you, the public. Some are straightforward and can be resolved immediately over the telephone, at a police station or through other contact points. Others need further investigation or the benefit of specialist knowledge or expertise before they can be resolved.

At Cambridgeshire Constabulary, we take pride in providing a high quality of service to you regardless of why or how you have made contact with us. We cannot guarantee that we will always be able to solve every crime or incident that you report to us. However we are committed to providing a service that responds professionally and appropriately to your particular needs. We want you to feel satisfied that we have provided the highest quality of service and that we value you as our customers and take all your concerns seriously.

So what level of service can you expect when you have contact with Cambridgeshire Constabulary?

We will provide excellent customer service by:

a) Making it easy to contact us - providing accessible and responsive services

b) Providing a professional and high quality service - providing appropriate help and advice

c) Dealing with your initial enquiry - taking appropriate steps to deal with your enquiry

d) Keeping you informed - providing contact details and updates

e) Ensuring your voice counts - you can have a say in how your area is policed

f) Dealing effectively with victims of crime - providing support for Victims

g) Listening and responding to your concerns and complaints - working to improve our services

h) Dealing with Freedom of Information requests - responding appropriately to requests for information

The Quality of Service Commitment

Our commitment to provide excellent customer service to you is set out in more detail in the "Every Contact Counts - Citizens' Charter".

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